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Root Canal Treatment

Saving natural tooth comes as a priority to every dental professional. When the pulp of the tooth is infected, it is under serious threat and needs immediate dental care. Root canal is a procedure performed under such circumstances to safeguard natural tooth and prevent the spread of dental infection. Contradictory to patients fear regarding a root canal treatment, the procedure itself is actually painless. There may be pain and discomfort for few days after the treatment, but it is worth enduring the pain as compared to leaving the tooth untreated which can be more painful and harmful to oral health. Do you have a toothache or swelling of gums? Is your tooth discolored? Make an appointment and meet Dr. Bertha O Alarcon at our Cudahy office. We perform a comprehensive oral check up and treat you to protect your teeth and upgrade your oral health.

When is root canal recommended?

Every decayed tooth does not require root canal treatment. Dental fillings are the first line of defense/restoration for decayed tooth whereas dental inlays and onlays come in the second stage. A crown may be necessary when the tooth has a large filling. A root canal is recommended when a cavity or a tooth crack has gone deep into the tooth, allowing the bacteria to access the pulp. Bacteria inflames and infects the pulp of the tooth leading to a toothache. If left untreated, the bacteria can infect the root of the tooth and the supporting bone structure. Through root canal treatment, our dentist removes the infected pulp and cleans the pulp chamber. The root canal is sealed and the tooth is restored using appropriate dental materials.

How is root canal treatment performed?

Dr. Bertha O Alarcon performs a thorough dental check up and examines the status of the tooth. We make a note of the symptoms. An X-ray may be necessary to find out if the pulp is infected. After thorough evaluation our dentist confirms if a root canal treatment is necessary.

Endodontics Treatment 3D Dental Patient Education Video

The tooth is numbed using local anesthesia. A rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth from surrounding teeth. Dental drills help our dentist create an opening in the tooth to access the pulp. The infected pulp is removed and the area is cleaned using a dental file. An anti-bacterial agent can help in clearing bacteria from the pulp chamber. The root canal is sealed and the tooth is filled using dental fillings. This step strengthens the tooth and aids its functionality. A dental crown is finally bonded over the tooth to complete the treatment.

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