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Tuesday 9:00 AM4:00 PM
Wednesday Closed - Except Emergencies
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is focused on providing you with a complete care for your mouth, your teeth and supportive tissues (gums and bone). We strongly believe that it is more cost-effective and easier for you to keep a healthy mouth than to have continuous dental repairs. We also support the U.S General Surgeon's belief that one cannot be considered "healthy" without having good oral health.

We, at Dr. Bertha Alarcon's Dental Office are committed to completely building or recuperating our patient's oral health and educating the community as a whole about the importance of prevention and dental health. We will provide you with premium quality care, in a manner that is timely and as painlessly as possible for you. We want you to be on your way to excellent dental health from the first moment you step into our office.

Our Address

Dr. Bertha O. Alarcon
4566 East Florence Avenue, Ste. # 7,
Cudahy, California 90201

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